Viability study

Dec 17, 2020

After establishing trust with the leader of the company, the shareholders can opt for a Viablity Study.

Establish trust
With someone you don’t know! > Trust is built slowly. Trust is destroyed quickly. Trust can make complex thingspossible. The absence of trust can make simple things impossible. Trust powersrelationships, businesses, nations. Trust is as precious as it is fragile. TheStoic EmperorThe moment a vc…
Viability Study as a short and intensive risk-free intervention to expose the core bottleneck

The CEO/leader can introduce me as an expert for the situation at hand, trusted by the shareholders and the leadership.

With this the seriousness of the situation is acknowledged and that an intervention might be next. This is amplified as people will google me.

The Viablity Study consists of the following steps:

  1. Establish a list of the ones that I will interview. It is important to get a 360 view on the matter, so the list might be extensive. The interviews, preferably face-to-face are scheduled in one or two days.
  2. Within a couple of days I will analyse the information and deduct the core problem, the visionary/break-through solution, and the steps to execute the solution.
  3. I'll present the Viabilty Study to the shareholders and leader of the company.

If we align on the Viability Study and my persona might be best suited to execute on it, we can discuss my offer to the shareholders.

Roel Smelt

Decades of experience in every stage of ventures, from startup, to scale-up, from exponential growth to corporate; with focus on digitalisation, organisation, vision and people.

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