I solve product/market & leadership problems

It is what it is! My best work is when I solve problems. Which kind of problems, you might ask? Well, when they are on the cutting edges of IT, management and shareholders, when it has become somewhat messy and time is of the essence.

for portfolio companies of venture capital / private equity firms

It is what it is! My best work is when I solve problems. Which kind of problems, you might ask? Well, when they are on the cutting edges of IT, product/market fit strategy, leadership team, people efficiency & culture  and shareholders. And when the venture has become somewhat messy and time is of the essence.

To start, I'm a tech-nerd. Always on top the latest gadgets, tech breakthrough ideas and how it will tranform societies. Being it Apple, Tesla, SpaceX or blockchain, AI/ML, gaming, self-driving or saas-tools to support startups/scale-ups.

I'v studied business administration & technology at University Twente and have tons of experience with business dealings in all areas, from development, growth, support to legal, people, governance and deal-making.

Above all my resume speaks for itself. My best work is always in the beginning of my engagement. I do understand the situation quickly and in-depth, have an actionable plan ready and will execute on it.

Executing on a 100-Day Plan to get the job done!

My entry is via shareholders, sometimes CEOs. In their portfolio are companies that are in existential trouble.

Approach to transform a venture in 100-days
  1. The first step is to establish trust by meeting the current leader of the business. I'll prefer a  walk to get to know each other, as a human being, to learn about the business and of course the trouble.
  2. With the decision maker we come to a Viability Study. This is a paid, short investigation to get to the core problem behind the trouble by interviewing stakeholders, key-resources and management. The core problem, the ultimate solution and how to get it done is presented to the initiators.
  3. If found that my persona is best suited to make the solution work, I'll offer myself as the interim CxO for a fixed price offer, and possibly a bonus fee for realising the outcome within the promised timespan, think 3 to 6 months.
  4. Getting the mandate of the shareholders is key and with that I'll execute swiftly on a 100 days plan. I'll stay within the boundaries given, will be hard on the outcome and soft, compassionate with the people involved. All with the purpose to get the job done and deliver a venture with a future.

Delivered public jobs

Integrity is at the core of my work. When I am consulted a venture will most likely be in a predicament. My Viablity study and 100-day Execution wel be done on a need-to-know-basis. This also means I will not share anything about my clients, unless it is in itself (partly) public.  

  • Tellow - from Rabobank Moonshot Program to independent startup (2018)
Co-owner & CEO of Tellow
In the summer of 2018 I was asked to perform a due diligence on Tellow[https://tellow.nl]. In close cooperation with Rabo Frontier Ventures we came toa deal, resulting in co-owning and leading the newly incorperated Tellow B.V. Rabobank start-up to continue as spin-offFollowing an internal start…
  • MisterGreen - Developed a long term strategy with focus on Tesla and initiated the digital transformation of leasing EV's (2017)
MisterGreen Direct
Kickstarted MisterGreen Direct, a mobile-first portal to shop, get approved and pay for an electric vehicle subscription.
  • Booking.com - Solving the search box and getting the apps on-par with the website.
Establishing the quality of the apps (iOS, Android and Windows 8), improve conversion and developing roadmaps. Improving the search engine to find destinations and hotels.
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