Mr. Wolf:"I solve problems!"

Dec 9, 2020

It is what it is! My best work is when I solve problems. Which kind of problems, you might ask? Well, when they are on the cutting edges of IT, management and  shareholders,  when it has become somewhat messy and time is of the essence.

To start, I'm a tech-nerd. Always on top the latest gadgets, tech breakthrough ideas and how it will tranform societies. Being it Apple, Tesla, SpaceX or blockchain, AI/ML, gaming, self-driving or saas-tools to support startups/scale-ups.

I'v studied business administration & technology at University Twente and have tons of experience with business dealings in all areas, from development, growth, support to legal, people, governance and deal-making.

Above all my resume speaks for itself. My best work is always in the very start of my engagement. I do understand the situation quickly and in-depth, have an actionable plan ready and will execute on it.

Roel Smelt

Decades of experience in every stage of ventures, from startup, to scale-up, from exponential growth to corporate; with focus on digitalisation, organisation, vision and people.

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