Mentoring executives

Mentor Dec 6, 2020

Although I feel often the urge to step in myself, it is very gratifying to help and serve others to dissolve obstacles, to find their personal drive and to realise what is beyond their business.

My personal drive has always been materialising breakthrough technologies and solutions.

  • In my teens I was driven by personal computers, the difference in approach of IBM, Microsoft and Apple
  • In the last decade of the last century I was focused on NLP and The Theory of Constraints with its deep insights in successful business management, project management and supply chain
  • From the start of the new millenium I grew a supply chain startup to a successful scale-up and was driven by boardroom sales, portfolio management at an international corporate
  • In the last decade I pured my passion into being a product owner for one of the most successful e-commerce company and became a strategy executive for an ev-lease company engulfed in the future of Elon Musk. Closing the decade with investing in a startup together with a bank, developed the startup and succesfully sold it to a large global investor

Besides my broad experiences I have invested since 2000 my spare time in studying and practicing buddism and raja yoga. As a meditation teacher I have guided hundreds of students to experience these teachings.

As a mentor I have guided many. Through the years I always found that helping others with their business and personal development the more gratifying part of my work, the business itself as the shell from within people could become aware of themselves.

If you've read this and found a spark within, you will find a way to contact me. We will meet...


Roel Smelt

Decades of experience in every stage of ventures, from startup, to scale-up, from exponential growth to corporate; with focus on digitalisation, organisation, vision and people.

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