Establish trust

Mentor Dec 17, 2020

With someone you don't know!

Trust is built slowly. Trust is destroyed quickly. Trust can make complex things possible. The absence of trust can make simple things impossible. Trust powers relationships, businesses, nations. Trust is as precious as it is fragile. The Stoic Emperor

The moment a vc/pe made me aware of a company in trouble, I start with digging into the public records of the leader (CEO). I also propose to get an introduction.

In the introduction email I'll keep it short and invite her/him for a walk and reserve half a day for it. Not that it have to be that long, but just so we have the time.

Besides all sharing of history and interests, it is most vital to be honest and consistent about what my life purpose is and my momentarily role in her/his company.

It is never about 'taking over' their company, just to expose the core bottleneck of the current daring situation. Although we might end up that I take control over certain, but cital aspects of the company, it always is to develop the people and their company to a situation with significant more balance and prosperity.

I'm only trying to be a warm hearted, capable passenger.


Roel Smelt

Decades of experience in every stage of ventures, from startup, to scale-up, from exponential growth to corporate; with focus on digitalisation, organisation, vision and people.

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